A Topic Cluster That Ranks for 1000s of Keywords (Case Study)

A few months ago, we started working on a topic cluster for one of our clients. We felt pretty confident that the topic cluster we were building was going to perform (sooner or later).  So, after finalizing the project, we had to wait, and wait a little longer. You see, there was no active promotion […]

Content Update vs Content Rewrite: Differences & Examples

A very important part of our Content Audit service is to make recommendations on a page level based on the past and current performance of a page. Two of these recommendations are a) Content Update and b) Content Rewrite. The question that we hear most often after delivering a Content Audit that includes these two […]

A Data-driven Study on “Comparison” Keywords for SaaS Companies

ClickUp vs Asana. Airtable vs Google Sheets. AWeber vs Mailchimp. Canva vs Visme. Does this remind you of something? We bet it does! It’s part of a set of keywords with commercial search intent, called ‘comparison keywords’. Their main characteristic is the “vs” modifier, which indicates a comparison between two (or more) solutions with similar […]

A Data-driven Study on “Alternative” Keywords for SaaS Companies

We all understand that SaaS is moving towards commoditization. This makes user acquisition more difficult and expensive—in most categories. As B2B SaaS companies are finding it more challenging to compete on many different levels (e.g., organic search, brand recognition), they tend to target more and more “alternative” keywords as a way to capitalize on: The […]

Topical Authority Ratio: What It Is & How to Calculate It

There’s a big discussion around topical authority in the SEO circles. “What is it?” “How can you build it?” “Can you “measure it?” That last question bothered our team for quite a while.  Even though we used topical authority as part of our keyword selection process, we were not really happy with the manual way […]

A Data-driven Study on “Software” Keywords for SaaS Companies

For some time now, we have wanted to conduct a study on keywords that include the word “software”. Why is that?  Well, as an agency that serves primarily SaaS companies, we have a natural curiosity to uncover any patterns and opportunities that will help our clients—and anyone who’s reading our content—achieve better results from their […]

Your SEO Strategy Hurts Your Brand. Here’s Why

This title makes you think: “Wait a minute, SEO is a good thing. How’s it possible that it hurts my brand?”  SEO is definitely a good thing. I mean, it’s what we do for a living so we can’t really say that there’s something fundamentally wrong with SEO.   Well, it may not be something fundamentally […]

Organic Traffic Diversification: What It Is & How to Achieve It

A few days ago, I had a call with a friend of mine. He’s the Head of Growth at a high-growth SaaS firm based in the UK. A big part of their growth comes from organic search and this makes anything around search engine optimization (SEO) at the company important. Acquiring users from organic search […]

Your Company Doesn’t Always Need SEO. Here’s 4 Cases That Prove Why

MINUTTIA is a content and SEO agency. Naturally, it’d make sense for us to want to sell our services to every SaaS and tech company out there. Doing so would be a mistake and, since we’re in the business of building a reputation for ourselves, we can’t risk our goodwill on something we know isn’t […]

B2B SEO: 4-Step Strategy for CMOs & Founders [for 2021]

Can B2B SEO help you acquire new customers and grow? Can it help you achieve that in a cost and time efficient way? Most B2B Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and founders would answer “no” to this question. After all, SEO isn’t a proven channel and it takes time for you to see a return on […]