SEO vs PPC: Here’s What is Wrong About This Comparison

Most businesses directly compare SEO and PPC in an attempt to work out which is better. Although in some cases and for some verticals, SEO can work better than PPC or vice versa, in general, any comparison between the two channels is simply the wrong way to go about things. SEO and PPC require different […]

Link Building Cost: Guide for SaaS & Tech Companies

No one can deny that building links is important. With so many SEO agencies and freelancers selling link building services out there, it’s easy to get frustrated over the real cost of building links. So, the question is: How much does link building actually cost? In this guide for SaaS and tech companies, we’ll try […]

SEO Competitor Analysis: The Why, How & When Behind It

One of the first things we do when working with a new client is to conduct an SEO competitor analysis. Doing a competitive analysis is important for many reasons and should always be part of your process. Unfortunately, most businesses conduct an SEO competitive analysis only before creating their content or SEO strategy. In our […]

How to Conduct a Content Audit: Step-by-Step Guide for 2020

Conducting a content audit is an essential part of any SEO and content strategy. Even though most content marketers and SEO professionals know this, they tend to start by creating new content, instead of auditing their existing content inventory. Needless to say, creating new content pieces without reviewing your existing ones first is the wrong […]