Topics vs. Keywords: Main Differences & Examples

According to a University from Arizona, humans speak on average 16,000 words every day. Unless you’re a teacher or frequent public speaker, that’s a lot! The vast majority of those words take place during conversations with other people, with each conversation covering a certain topic. Chances are, you’ve found yourself in the place of not […]

Maximizing vs Satisficing: A Scientific Approach to Creating List Posts

For some time now, we’re thinking about the right number of items to include in a list post.  Should we include as many items as possible so that we satisfy those who want as many options as possible while evaluating solutions based on a given topic or problem they have? Maybe we should include as […]

How to Write an SEO-focused Content Brief for Your Writers

Creating a good content brief is one of the most important aspects of creating a piece of content. Especially if you’re working with junior content writers — both freelance writers and FTEs (full-time equivalents) — your briefs should be clear and to the point. In a way, content briefs can help you have more control […]

14 (Downloadable) Blog Post Templates to Use Right Away

One of the things that we do most often here at MINUTTIA is prepare the structure for blog posts both for our clients and for our brand. This part of the content creation process is one of the most important ones as — up to a certain point — it can determine whether or not […]