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Why GrowthWaves?

What is GrowthWaves?

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Final Thoughts

This piece of content is the work of a human mind.

Ever had a project you shelved, only to revisit it years later?

That’s what happened with a domain I bought ~4 years ago.

The goal?

Launch a newsletter on B2B growth and marketing, sharing exclusive insights from my personal journey.

These wouldn’t be the same insights I discuss elsewhere, online or offline.

Yes, I might be a bit late in joining the newsletter bandwagon and, admittedly, I did procrastinate.

But life happens, doesn’t it?

Our priorities shift, goals evolve and, sometimes, we simply lack the bandwidth to chase every dream simultaneously.

Yet, the time feels right now.

I’m excited to announce the launch of my newsletter: GrowthWaves.

If you’re interested in learning more about GrowthWaves, read on.

If you’re here for the offer that’s part of the launch, jump to the Launch Offer section.

Why GrowthWaves?

If you judge my ability to pick brand names on the name Minuttia (spelled: mee-noo-shee-a), then it’s easy to understand why my brand-picking skills need some honing.

Fun fact:

One time, I joined a client call, and one of the participants (from the client’s side) said something like, “What’s the name this guy chose for his company?”

So, I’m glad that 4 years after we launched Minuttia, not only did we “teach” people how to say the name correctly, but we also managed to associate Minuttia with deep knowledge, expertise, transparency, and trustworthiness among our target audience.

Editor’s Note
Even though George shared his opinion in the above sentence, it’s a fact that Minuttia has been associated with high-quality content marketing services for SaaS companies and managed to build a reputation as one of the most reliable partners. Simply put, we’re part of the conversation, and for a good reason.

Regardless of how good the selection of the name Minuttia is, our goal always was (and will continue to be) to add value to our clients, team, and audience in any way we can.

We have a long way to go, but the journey so far has been nothing but rewarding and full of good (and not-so-good) moments.

The name GrowthWaves reflects my genuine interest in B2B growth.

Not just from a content marketing perspective, since during the last 4 years, I’ve been exposed to more than just content marketing strategies and tactics for the companies we’ve helped (and continue to help) or the companies we’re connected with.

When I say B2B growth, I mean anything from product to sales to customer success and, of course, marketing and growth-oriented operations.

In that context, the name GrowthWaves is:

  • Representative of the identity of the newsletter (e.g., growth-oriented content);
  • Easy to pronounce by most people (don’t be confused by the fact that it’s one word; it’s basically pronounced as “growth waves”;
  • Evergreen and not attached to any one business model or activity.

I was intrigued by the concept of growth waves and anything that can help grow a B2B business back when I purchased that domain.

I’m intrigued by it so much more so today that I’m launching the newsletter.

Thus, the name GrowthWaves for my new newsletter.

What is GrowthWaves?

Now, you may be wondering what GrowthWaves is going to be about.

The tagline we’ve chosen says it all:

Editor’s Note
For the sake of transparency, please keep in mind that the tagline is inspired by the successful crypto newsletter MilkRoad, which prompts people to sign up if they want to “Get Smarter About Crypto.”

In a nutshell, GrowthWaves will help you:

Get your biweekly dose of B2B growth insights packed with powerful case studies, trends, and unconventional growth strategies you won't find elsewhere.

Essentially, we’re talking about a biweekly newsletter (to begin with) with great content that I don’t share anywhere else.

The content will vary from case studies and teardowns to unconventional growth strategies, experiments, and learnings from my journey with Minuttia and the things I learn from being connected with so many bright minds in the broader SaaS growth industry.

Things to keep in mind

At this point, I’d like to share a few things that are important and that you need to keep in mind if you want to follow my journey with GrowthWaves:

1. GrowthWaves and Minuttia

GrowthWaves isn’t a Minuttia product.

The two entities aren’t associated with each other.

Minuttia is an organic growth acceleration agency for B2B SaaS companies and has its own unique brand content program.

GrowthWaves is a personal project and isn’t part of Minuttia in any way.

However, that doesn’t mean that occasionally, I won’t share learnings from my journey running Minuttia.

2. Newsletter Ads

If you decide to subscribe, you should expect that—especially in the free version—there will be newsletter ads.

Creating great content—as we do with Minuttia and plan to do with GrowthWaves—is very expensive.

And I plan to deliver some of the best content you can find online through GrowthWaves.

At Minuttia, we can afford to do that by feeding our pipeline and acquiring clients who essentially pay for us to be able to do all these great things on the brand content side. (And, for that, we want to say a big thank you to all of them.)

To be able to do that at GrowthWaves, we’ll have to monetize our asset by partnering with great companies who want to advertise to our audience.

You may be allergic to ads, but I want to be upfront with you so that you know what to expect.

Editor’s Note
For brands who want to collaborate with GrowthWaves and sponsor our newsletter, don’t hesitate to reach out to

3. Paid Version

GrowthWaves starts as a free newsletter.

Once I hit a certain number of subscribers, there will be a paid version.

If you want to join the free forever plan that’s part of the launch, please head over to the Launch Offer.

We plan to put a lot of effort and resources into this project—similar to what we’ve done and will keep doing with Minuttia.

For that reason, at some point, there will be the option to subscribe to the paid version to help us deliver even more value to the people who decide to subscribe to it.

More on that very soon.

4. The “Master Plan”

GrowthWaves starts as a newsletter.

The goal is to develop it into a full-fledged media company with thousands of subscribers and followers across different mediums and channels.

As simple as that.

Launch Offer

If you know one or two things about me or if we’ve ever met in person, you’d know that I don’t like hard sells, special offers, or anything of that nature.

My notion until recently was that if there’s value, then people will come.

Well, after running Minuttia for ~4 years, I can tell you that that’s not always the case.

If you can give people a little push, especially for something simple like giving their email address to subscribe to a newsletter, then why wouldn’t you?

So, here’s my little push for you:

As I explained in the previous section, once I hit a certain number of subscribers, there will be a paid version of the newsletter with many more features than just two emails per month.

We give away 100 free forever seats for those who will comment ‘GrowthWaves’ on the following LinkedIn post

… and reach out to me on LinkedIn to share their email via a DM.


If we’re connected on LinkedIn, please feel free to connect and add your email and how you got there in the connection message.

This will allow us to add people who made it to the top 100 manually to the “free forever” plan.

Final Thoughts

Every time I start something new, I start with doubt.

Will it resonate? Will people like it? Will they be interested enough?

The truth is I don’t have the answer to any of these questions.

In other words, I can’t control how people feel about something or whether they like it or not.

What I can control is the love, care, and effort that goes into something.

And, as I did and will continue doing with Minuttia, I plan to put a lot of love, care, and effort into GrowthWaves.

I hope that you join me on this new journey.

See you on the other side!

This piece of content is the work of a human mind.

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