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Introducing GrowthWaves: A Newsletter on B2B Growth

Ever had a project you shelved, only to revisit it years later?

That’s what happened with a domain I bought ~4 years ago.

The goal?

Launch a newsletter on B2B growth and marketing, sharing exclusive insights from my personal journey.

These wouldn’t be the same insights I discuss elsewhere, online or offline.

Yes, I might be a bit late in joining the newsletter bandwagon and, admittedly, I did procrastinate.
But life happens, doesn’t it?

Our priorities shift, goals evolve and, sometimes, we simply lack the bandwidth to chase every dream simultaneously.

Yet, the time feels right now.

I’m excited to announce the launch of my newsletter: GrowthWaves.

If you’re interested in learning more about GrowthWaves, read on.

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Clearscope: SaaS Keyword Research
Feb 09, 2023
George Chasiotis, Managing Director of MINUTTIA, shared how to perform keyword research for your SaaS company by breaking down his step-by-step process using a hypothetical scenario.
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