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Introducing Our New Design Service With Use Cases, Examples & More

Somewhere along the way, we understood that our assumptions as to what the SaaS industry (which we proudly serve) needs weren’t exactly right.

One of these assumptions was that design is something companies are very bullish about—having strong convictions and opinions on the subject—and generally don’t need as it’s covered in-house.

We were wrong.

In this post, we’ll explain why our assumptions were wrong and why the SaaS industry calls for great design, integrated with our knowledge and expertise in content marketing and SEO.

Let’s begin.

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Clearscope: SaaS Keyword Research
Feb 09, 2023
George Chasiotis, Managing Director of MINUTTIA, shared how to perform keyword research for your SaaS company by breaking down his step-by-step process using a hypothetical scenario.
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