Growth Summary

Within nine month MINUTTIA has helped Respona to increase its organic visibility, the number of keywords ranking, by 919.8%. The growth in organic traffic has been achieved mainly through top of the funnel content creation, ongoing keyword research and topic ideation, as well as general content and SEO recommendations.

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increase in the number of ranking keywords

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Increase in organic traffic

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Pages ranking in position 1-10

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About Respona

Respona is an outreach software for PR, content marketing, link building, and influencer marketing. You can use it to reach out to bloggers, media outlets, and experts within your industry, build relationships, and get media coverage, brand mentions, and links back to your website’s target pages.

Respona's needs

Respona’s main need was high-quality content that illustrated the value of the product and, at the same time, is optimized for search engines like Google. For companies in their earlier stages, showing how the product works and driving organic traffic through top of the funnel content is very important; it can be really useful in raising awareness about the product and creating an audience.

How we helped​

We started by defining the main topic areas that we needed to cover. Since the website didn’t have much visibility, the first pieces of content that were going to be published would be very important in helping Google—and other search engines for that matter—form associations as to what the website is all about. Those initial associations can lead to better and faster results when it comes to indexation and ranking in the long run. After defining the topics that we needed to cover, we started creating three high-quality pieces per month. Apart from content creation, we also made suggestions for feature-related pages the website needed, as well as opportunities for landing pages that could drive top of the funnel content and help our client generate new leads. An example is the press release templates that we’ve created; both the landing page and the templates that users can download.
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Keyword research and continuous topic ideation
Content creation for the company’s blog
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Content creation for templates and landing pages
Content and SEO related recommendations
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Did You Know ?

Clearscope is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide recommendations for words and phrases that need to be included in your content for any given topic. Correlation studies suggest that content with a high content grade via Clearscope has a higher chance of performing better organically. At MINUTTIA, all the new content we create for clients is created with the help of Clearscope. Learn more about Clearscope and how we’re using it to create better content for our clients in our guide.

Growth area A

919.8% increase in the number of ranking keywords

Growth area B

3181% increase in organic traffic

Growth area C

Six pages ranking in positions 1-10

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