Growth Summary

MINUTTIA has helped referral marketing software, Viral Loops, build a topic cluster that targets the topic ‘Product Launch’. The topic cluster now ranks for more than 1K organic keywords, many of which are in positions 1-3 in the company’s target country, the US. MINUTTIA has managed the process of content development end to end, from keyword research to creating mockups both for the hub and the cluster pages, defining the URL architecture all the way to content creation.

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organic keywords

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Positions 1-3

several cluster pages rank for their target keyword in positions 1-3

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Visibility for ‘Product Launch’

the website already has visibility for the main topic

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About Viral Loops

Viral Loops is a referral marketing software for companies that want to leverage the power of referral marketing to acquire new customers and increase their online audience. In 2022, the company was acquired by Wishpond, which is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Viral Loops needs

The company’s need and the main objective was to get visibility for the term ‘product launch’ as a topic that’s closely related to the product’s capabilities as well as for relevant terms. Even though the website had some visibility for related keywords prior to launching the topic cluster, none of these keywords were ranking in high enough positions to get organic traffic back to the website.

How we helped​

MINUTTIA managed the whole creation process for the topic cluster. We started by defining Phrase Match keywords based on the core topic, Product Launch. Then, we prioritized the keywords by coming up with the Opportunity Score. We came up with the URL architecture and information hierarchy for the hub page. Next, we created mockups for the hub and cluster pages and finally worked on the content for both the hub and the cluster pages. Last but not least, we worked on templates (e.g., checklist on Google Sheets) that were used as lead captures in some of the cluster pages.

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Keyword Research

URL Architecture & Information Hierarchy

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Mockup Design

Content Creation

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Did You Know ?

A topic cluster is a set of pages that cover one main topic and semantically associated subtopics. The main goal when adopting the topic cluster model is to achieve sufficient coverage of the main topic and its subtopics while providing a great user experience. Learn more about topic clusters in the analysis of this case study.

Growth area A

1K organic keywords

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