Wistia’s Revolutionizing Video Content Marketing for SaaS

Many SaaS companies are still clinging to the traditional way of simply investing in SEO and content marketing. Yet, it’s undeniable that video revolutionizes how businesses captivate audiences, seize their attention, and convert them into devoted customers. At the forefront of this revolution is Wistia, a platform that has honed the craft of helping companies […]

Why Every SaaS Company Should Follow Slidebean’s YouTube Strategy

In the world of SaaS, there are various tactics a company can invest in, in order to raise awareness and acquire new customers. SEO, PPC, and email marketing are only a few of the most prominent ones, but there are always underutilized channels, although they can be of great benefit. One of them is YouTube, […]

The One Tactic That Helped Exploding Topics Get to 150K Visits per Month

Most websites interested in generating online traffic, typically take advantage of various methods and channels to achieve this. While this is a great tactic to follow (when executed the right way), some argue that you should find one thing you’re really good at and focus on that. The latter is actually the case with Exploding […]

200% Increase in Monthly Visits: ClickUp SEO Case Study

It’s no secret that many modern-day businesses have a very rich tech stack, which allows them to automate processes and collaborate efficiently. Is every single tool used necessary for growth? The answer is most likely no, but when it comes to project management tools, they can be of vital importance for teams, especially remote working […]

A Topic Cluster That Ranks for 1000s of Keywords (Case Study)

A few months ago, we started working on a topic cluster for one of our clients. We felt pretty confident that the topic cluster we were building was going to perform (sooner or later).  So, after finalizing the project, we had to wait, and wait a little longer. You see, there was no active promotion […]

From 0 to 500K Monthly Visitors: Veed.io SEO Success Story

Let’s face it: SEO isn’t for everyone. There are several cases where SEO can’t – and shouldn’t – be used as a growth lever for a SaaS company. The space of online video editing isn’t one of these cases. A relative newcomer in that category that has experienced exponential growth over the last two years, […]