State of Content Marketing Report (2023)

There’s no denying that 2023 has been challenging for content marketers. The overarching adoption of AI, numerous core updates, generative search—these are only a few factors that have been keeping content marketers on their toes this year. The generally excited/uncertain/mildly concerned mood that governs content marketing right now was reflected in our 2023 State of […]

Introducing Media Singulars

What is the future of content marketing? It’s hard to give a definitive answer right away. Yet, when you analyze moves and developments in content strategies of some companies (including top-tier firms), you can spot certain patterns. Today, we want to discuss one such pattern – the growing tendency toward creating Media Singulars. Let’s see […]

Revolutionizing UGC Content for SaaS: A Deep Dive into Notion’s Templates Section

A while back, we interviewed Jakub Rudnik on our podcast, The SaaS SEO Show. As the Head of Content at Scribe, he explained how Scribe’s Gallery has significantly impacted the website through the power of user-generated content (UGC). After all, with search results becoming increasingly saturated, websites now need to dig deeper and find innovative […]

The Art of Interviewing Experts for Your Blog Content

The blogging landscape is changing. There’s a new wave of mass content production with AI leading the charge. And then there are content mills working overtime, following a workflow you’re quite familiar with: Open Google. Research the topic (without leaving the first page). Create the content and submit it. This process is quick but since […]

Global Perspectives: Crafting a Winning International Content Strategy

Imagine you’re a SaaS offering your service to an English-speaking audience in the US. You ask yourself: “Since my product is online, why shouldn’t I offer it to people from countries besides the US?”. Reaching a wider audience is a great idea and can have a significant business impact, but you first need to get […]

Beyond Survival: Growing With Content Marketing in a Recession

Four years ago, in June of 2019, I published a Medium post on HackerNoon. In that post, I outlined an uncomfortable reality: The tech industry was (once again) growing too fast, and many of the things we were experiencing, well, didn’t seem very normal. Remember: This was a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic took […]

Introducing Our New Design Service With Use Cases, Examples & More

Almost three years ago, we launched Minuttia. The goal was simple: To become one of the most respected and trusted content marketing agencies in the world, specifically for SaaS companies. Even though many things have changed in these three years, our initial goal remains the same. Somewhere along the way, we understood that our assumptions […]

How to add Experience to Your Content

Let’s assume you’re looking for alternatives to a product like VEED, and you type “veed alternatives” into Google. This is what comes up: If you’re in the majority of searchers who focus on the top search results, which of the first two would you click on? As a rational searcher (if there’s such a thing), […]

AI in Content Marketing: Use Cases, Limitations & More

It’s no secret that AI has been the ultimate buzzword over the last few months. After all, with so much noise going on about it, it’s hard to ignore it (and you shouldn’t). In particular, with the rise of generative AI tools, more and more companies have been using them to make their daily operations […]

10 Predictions & Minuttia’s Stance on AI Content

Is AI going to change the world of content marketing? That’s one of the questions we’ve been hearing more and more lately, with the rise of AI systems like ChatGPT. Whatever the answer may be, what’s definite is that AI will change things and we’re all inevitably a part of that change. In our opinion, […]