Why (& How) We Built Minuttia’s New Brand

In the winter of 2019, I was looking forward to the launch of my first (real) company. Until then, I worked as a freelancer, and after having tried to wear many different marketing hats, I understood that content and SEO may be my thing. So, the plan was that I was going to build a […]

Original Content: The Element That’s Missing From Your Content Strategy

Almost a year ago, we talked about the concept of original content in a webinar we did with ProductLed. The feedback we received from the audience was extremely positive.  This helped us realize that many content marketers believe something is missing from their content strategy. We worked on our ideas and tried to make them […]

A Topic Cluster That Ranks for 1000s of Keywords (Case Study)

A few months ago, we started working on a topic cluster for one of our clients. We felt pretty confident that the topic cluster we were building was going to perform (sooner or later).  So, after finalizing the project, we had to wait, and wait a little longer. You see, there was no active promotion […]

Content Update vs Content Rewrite: Differences & Examples

A very important part of our Content Audit service is to make recommendations on a page level based on the past and current performance of a page. Two of these recommendations are a) Content Update and b) Content Rewrite. The question that we hear most often after delivering a Content Audit that includes these two […]

A Data-driven Study on “Comparison” Keywords for SaaS Companies

ClickUp vs Asana. Airtable vs Google Sheets. AWeber vs Mailchimp. Canva vs Visme. Does this remind you of something? We bet it does! It’s part of a set of keywords with commercial search intent, called ‘comparison keywords’. Their main characteristic is the “vs” modifier, which indicates a comparison between two (or more) solutions with similar […]

A Data-driven Study on “Alternative” Keywords for SaaS Companies

We all understand that SaaS is moving towards commoditization. This makes user acquisition more difficult and expensive—in most categories. As B2B SaaS companies are finding it more challenging to compete on many different levels (e.g., organic search, brand recognition), they tend to target more and more “alternative” keywords as a way to capitalize on: The […]

Topical Authority Ratio: What It Is & How to Calculate It

There’s a big discussion around topical authority in the SEO circles. “What is it?” “How can you build it?” “Can you “measure it?” That last question bothered our team for quite a while.  Even though we used topical authority as part of our keyword selection process, we were not really happy with the manual way […]

A Data-driven Study on “Software” Keywords for SaaS Companies

For some time now, we have wanted to conduct a study on keywords that include the word “software”. Why is that?  Well, as an agency that serves primarily SaaS companies, we have a natural curiosity to uncover any patterns and opportunities that will help our clients—and anyone who’s reading our content—achieve better results from their […]

Maximizing vs Satisficing: A Scientific Approach to Creating List Posts

For some time now, we’re thinking about the right number of items to include in a list post.  Should we include as many items as possible so that we satisfy those who want as many options as possible while evaluating solutions based on a given topic or problem they have? Maybe we should include as […]

Keyword Selection at Scale Using Weighted Variables

This isn’t another beginner’s guide on how to choose the right keywords for your content and SEO strategy. We’ve created this guide as part of the change we’ve applied to the way we think about the value of keywords and how we make decisions at scale for our clients after conducting keyword research. Thus, if […]