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Gnosis: The Type of Knowledge AI Will Never Have

Will AI destroy us all? It’s a question on many minds, and I don’t just mean far-out scenarios like Roko’s Basilisk (Google it—it’s wild!). The rise of generative AI tools is upon us, with Markets predicting a market worth $58.1 billion by 2028 and a staggering CAGR of 35.65 percent. These tools can be used […]

AI in Content Marketing: Use Cases, Limitations & More

It’s no secret that AI has been the ultimate buzzword over the last few months. After all, with so much noise going on about it, it’s hard to ignore it (and you shouldn’t). In particular, with the rise of generative AI tools, more and more companies have been using them to make their daily operations […]

10 Predictions & Minuttia’s Stance on AI Content

Is AI going to change the world of content marketing? That’s one of the questions we’ve been hearing more and more lately, with the rise of AI systems like ChatGPT. Whatever the answer may be, what’s definite is that AI will change things and we’re all inevitably a part of that change. In our opinion, […]

Why Every SaaS Company Should Follow Slidebean’s YouTube Strategy

In the world of SaaS, there are various tactics a company can invest in, in order to raise awareness and acquire new customers. SEO, PPC, and email marketing are only a few of the most prominent ones, but there are always underutilized channels, although they can be of great benefit. One of them is YouTube, […]

The One Tactic That Helped Exploding Topics Get to 150K Visits per Month

Most websites interested in generating online traffic, typically take advantage of various methods and channels to achieve this. While this is a great tactic to follow (when executed the right way), some argue that you should find one thing you’re really good at and focus on that. The latter is actually the case with Exploding […]

Your SEO Strategy Hurts Your Brand. Here’s Why

This title makes you think: “Wait a minute, SEO is a good thing. How’s it possible that it hurts my brand?”  SEO is definitely a good thing. I mean, it’s what we do for a living so we can’t really say that there’s something fundamentally wrong with SEO.   Well, it may not be something fundamentally […]

SEO vs PPC: Here’s What is Wrong About This Comparison

Most businesses directly compare SEO and PPC in an attempt to work out which is better. Although in some cases and for some verticals, SEO can work better than PPC or vice versa, in general, any comparison between the two channels is simply the wrong way to go about things. SEO and PPC require different […]