A Data-driven Study on “Alternative” Keywords for SaaS Companies

We all understand that SaaS is moving towards commoditization. This makes user acquisition more difficult and expensive—in most categories. As B2B SaaS companies are finding it more challenging to compete on many different levels (e.g., organic search, brand recognition), they tend to target more and more “alternative” keywords as a way to capitalize on: The […]

How to Use Ahrefs for Content & SEO: Beginner’s Guide for 2020

Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools out there when it comes to content and SEO. It’s powered by big data, which is its main differentiator from Ahrefs’ rivals. It also happens to be connected to many of our own internal agency processes. This is why we’ve created a guide that covers every aspect […]

How to Use Clearscope for Content Creation & Update (Guide)

Creating a high-quality piece of content is by no means an easy task. Skills, experience, and the right set of tools are some of the most important things a great content writer should be equipped with to be truly great. This is why there’s a plethora of tools out there that any content writer will […]