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Introducing GrowthWaves Pro: A New Chapter for B2B

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What’s behind the curtain

Why create a paid version of the newsletter?

The Launch Offer

Final thoughts

This piece of content is the work of a human mind.

I cannot tell you the number of times in a day – or a week – that I’m left surprised at how plain average online ‘tips and insights’ can be.

Especially those related to B2B growth.

As you may already know, I am allergic to average.

Mediocrity is not something I am satisfied with in my work, the work of any of my businesses, or indeed my personal life.

Which is why I wanted to go above and beyond with the next chapter of the GrowthWaves newsletter.

Introducing: GrowthWaves Pro.

(If you wish to go straight to our exclusive launch offer, jump to the Launch Offer section.)

What’s behind the curtain

As a Pro member of the GrowthWaves newsletter, you will be able to enjoy:

Full access to the Notes Archive

Our database of case studies, frameworks, interviews, templates, and more is continually growing. We even sorted them all into topics so you can more easily find tips in the domain of your choice.

One exclusive Note per month

Additional content that is not available to regular subscribers, distilled for immediate application to your business.

Quarterly webinars and AMAs

You will get access to all our past and future webinars and AMA sessions with leading B2B growth experts in a variety of domains – an exclusive I am particularly proud of.

Monthly Office Hours

It is no secret that at Minuttia we have ‘a bit’ of experience in the field of B2B growth.

One of the perks of being in GrowthWaves Pro includes participating in monthly office hour sessions with our team of growth experts from a variety of fields (SEO, content marketing, customer success, sales, and more) who will be ready to answer all your questions.

Why create a paid version of the newsletter?

Simply put, I wanted to provide more.

Detailed case studies and actionable insights delivered to your inbox twice a month are good. Great, even.

But is it enough?

Does it really cut to the core of your problem?

Do you get answers to all of your questions?

Are you confident your B2B business is on the right path?

GrowthWaves Pro allows you to get answers to your specific questions and solutions to your specific problems that will help your business thrive.

On an ongoing basis.

Now, to me, that sounds like enough.

The Launch Offer

Please keep in mind that this isn’t a push for anything.

But, if you are interested in becoming a GrowthWaves Pro member – especially if you are somewhat convinced but still unsure – here is a little incentive:

The first 100 people who sign up for the Pro membership will get 50% off for the entire first year of their membership.

All you need to do is enter the code FIRST100 at checkout on this link here.

Final thoughts

I am excited about this new GrowthWaves stage.

I think we created something truly remarkable that will only grow (pun half-intended?) and become even better in the future.

As always, me and my team will continue to dedicate our time, knowledge, and resources to best serving you and your business.

Hope to see you in the Pro lounge!

This piece of content is the work of a human mind.

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