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We help established brands grow by writing a new content marketing playbook that’s designed to work in any financial environment and amid industry changes.

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these 2 elements were added to the mix
SEO isn't dying; it's changing
SGE aside, the problem with SEO is that it's a mature channel with fewer opportunities and more intense competition than ever before.

We consider SEO in our work but don't treat it as the be-all and end-all of your content marketing strategy.
AI isn't going to take your job; it's simply going to change it.
We're here to help you understand that change and navigate it with certainty.

We don't use AI to create content because we believe today's content marketing playbook is best written by humans.

Here are your options and how we can improve on them

We'll work with your existing team and help you operate efficiently without increasing your headcount.
We're happy to collaborate with other agencies you work with.

However, we play better when we're in the driver's seat and can manage your content marketing strategy end to end.
We're here to cover all your needs, without handholding, working with different people or constantly worrying about quality. No capacity issues; you have all our focus and attention.
Creating 100 pieces of junk for $19.99 a month isn't something we can do.

But, we can create content that humans will want to read.
We'll take that burden off your shoulders and help you grow without spreading yourself too thin.

What we bring to the table

Content Marketing Audit
Content Marketing Strategy
Content Creation
Podcast Production
Digital PR
Content Marketing Audit

Data-driven, actionable, no-fluff insights on your current content marketing strategy that no one tool can give you. We connect content performance to pipeline and revenue generation and tell you what we need to do, when, and how.

Content Marketing Strategy

Forward-looking, channel-agnostic, and business-driven content marketing strategy that goes beyond keywords you can pull yourself from an SEO tool or ChatGPT. We bring bold ideas and unique human perspectives.

Content Creation

Human-crafted, channel-agnostic, multi-format, objective-specific content with a strong focus on creating owned audiences and reducing reliance on channels like SEO. End-to-end content creation no other agency, freelancer, or AI can match.

Podcast Production

Strategy, production, and growth for your existing or new podcast. You get behind the mic; we take care of the rest.


Fresh, engaging, bold, and always on-brand for your content, search and social ads, and all your website design or redesign needs. We work fast and have short turnaround times so you don’t have to request design time internally.

Digital PR

Brand mentions to help you get referral traffic and more visibility on search today, and be suggested by LLMs tomorrow. Content-driven mentions in authoritative websites with no brand risk from spammy outreach tactics, and distribution for your best content.


GA4 audit, conversion tracking and attribution setup, low-noise-high-signal reporting on Looker Studio and BigQuery implementation. We make your quarterly business reviews less stressful and more fun, by giving you the tools to report on our impact and yours. 

Plus we know well all the things you (and your LinkedIn connections) talk about

Dark Social Thought Leadership Amplification Expert-led Owned Audience Hybrid Attribution Zero-Click Marketing Content Distribution Original Content Branded Newsletter

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Message from the Founder

Minuttia was created with one thing in mind, we want the best for you, even if that’s not us.

In that context, we want you to review everything carefully and move forward only if you believe we’re the best partner for you.

We know we are; we just want you to make a decision that’s unaffected by what we believe.

Check our portfolio, talk to past and active clients, read our reviews, ask questions, and compare our offer with other agencies.

Do whatever you can to make the best decision for your company.

We’re here to help you.

And, if you choose to move forward with us as a partner, we’ll do whatever it takes to prove you right.

Thanks for considering working with us.