Search Generative Experience and the Future of Search: A Roundtable Discussion With MarketMuse

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For our first-ever Roundtable Discussion, we are delighted to welcome Jeff Coyle and Stephen Jeske, organic search veterans from the content optimization platform, MarketMuse. Together with George Chasiotis, these esteemed panelists will delve into the implications of the Search Generative Experience (also known as SGE) announced by Google on May 10th during its Google I/O event. They will discuss how this change could transform the way search is conducted and impact the visibility and traffic websites receive from organic search. This event is a must-attend if you want to stay ahead of the curve with the upcoming changes and adapt swiftly to maximize benefits.

Key Points:

  • Gain insights into the implications of the Search Generative Experience (SGE) for websites and publishers.
  • Discover how the recent changes announced by Google at its Google I/O event will affect the visibility and traffic of your website.
  • Learn how to adapt swiftly to these upcoming shifts in organic search, maintaining your competitive edge in the evolving digital landscape.
George Chasiotis
Managing Director

George is the Managing Director of Minuttia, an organic growth acceleration agency for B2B SaaS companies. George started out as an independent marketing consultant but was soon pulled down the path of creating an agency. In his free time, he imparts wisdom on LinkedIn or buries his head in psychology books to get down the “why” of human behaviour.

Jeff Coyle
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Jeff Coyle is a data-driven search engine marketing executive with more than 18 years of experience in the search industry managing products and website networks.

As the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for MarketMuse, he is focused on helping content marketers, search engine marketers, agencies, and e-commerce managers build topical authority, improve content quality and turn semantic research into actionable insights.

Stephen Jeske
Senior Content Strategist

Stephen Jeske is a content strategist who enjoys working in B2B startups with a particular affinity for AI. His first experience in this domain was as a music student struggling to learn Lisp.

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