AMA: How to Build a Future-Proof Organic Strategy

Overview In this AMA, we have onboard Kevin Indig, an esteemed Growth Advisor. Together with George Chasiotis, they’ll uncover building a sustainable organic strategy that drives growth in 2024 and beyond.   Key Points: Learn what changes in how companies approach content marketing and SEO. Gain insights on upcoming trends and characteristics of the new […]

AMA: The Future of Content Marketing

Overview For our first-ever AMA, we have onboard Chima Mmeje, Senior Content Manager at Moz. Together with George Chasiotis, they’ll delve into the changes happening in the content marketing industry, from SGE to AI content, and how to adapt your content marketing program.   Key Points:  Discover how changes affect companies’ approach to content marketing. […]

The State of Content Marketing Report (2023)

Overview Content marketing has never been more uncertain or chaotic. Superpath and Minuttia have teamed up to create a State of Content Marketing report. More than 650+ content marketers responded to the survey, giving us a rich data set to pull from.   Key Points: How team size and budgets have changed this year Where […]

Win More Customers By Speaking On Podcasts

Overview Every day, 1000s of your ideal clients listen to podcasts. Yet, most business owners and executives still don’t consider podcasts as a marketing tool and leave so much on the table. In this webinar, we’re going to share the secrets of how to get yourself booked on industry-relevant podcasts as a guest to attract […]

Data-Driven or Data-Deceived? Our Struggle in SEO to Walk the Talk

Overview In this webinar, we will address three critical questions that have been puzzling marketers: How is Google Search Console deceiving us? Why do we often claim to be data-driven but struggle to implement it effectively? Can “vanity metrics” truly offer any value to our marketing efforts? Our esteemed speaker, Alexander Rehnborg, Head of SEO […]

The SaaS Case Study Playbook: From Buy-In to Driving ROI

Overview In this webinar, we’ll dig into how SaaS companies can maximize their opportunities to capture, share, and profit from customer stories with Joel Klettke, Founder of Case Study Buddy. You’ll learn how to align internal teams, tell purpose-built stories that sell, and leverage them across the entire buyer’s journey to drive leads, shorten sales […]

Adapting to Major Changes in Google Search: A Practical Webinar for Minuttia Clients

Overview In this one-of-a-kind exclusive webinar for our clients, George provided an in-depth examination of the Search Generative Experience (SGE), Google’s latest update announced at its recent Google I/O event. This exclusive section offered a comprehensive analysis of how SGE is poised to revolutionize the landscape of organic search and the strategies businesses need to […]

HARO Link Building for SaaS Companies

Overview In this webinar, you’ll learn how to position SaaS companies for a HARO link-building campaign. Chris Panteli will talk about the nuances of HARO, how it has changed over the past five years, and what it will look like in 2024. Chris will also discuss the essentials to win quotes, strategies to increase your […]

Search Generative Experience and the Future of Search: A Roundtable Discussion With MarketMuse

Overview For our first-ever Roundtable Discussion, we are delighted to welcome Jeff Coyle and Stephen Jeske, organic search veterans from the content optimization platform, MarketMuse. Together with George Chasiotis, these esteemed panelists will delve into the implications of the Search Generative Experience (also known as SGE) announced by Google on May 10th during its Google […]

Maximizing Content through Event-led Growth

Overview In this webinar, we’ll explore a new way to create multiple touchpoints for customers and prospects with Mark Kilens, CMO of Airmeet. Here you’ll learn how you can curate dynamic, engaging events to delight and engage your prospects and create multiple touchpoints to push leads further down the funnel. Key Points: How you can […]