Minuttia Isn’t For Most B2B SaaS Companies

Any agency can take your content marketing and SEO from bad to better. Our clients are growing B2B SaaS companies that need to go from good to great, and great to best-in-category.

Who Minuttia is and isn’t for

Not a fit
In a hiring freeze or slashing headcount
You’re not a fit if you’re making cuts to stay afloat because you can’t think about medium and long-term growth while fighting fires.
Minuttia clients
Actively hiring top talent, even in uncertain economic times
You are a fit if daily headlines from tech companies laying off hundreds or thousands of employees serves as an invitation to add fuel to the fire and grow.
Not a fit
Growth is in free fall and you need to immediately correct course
You’re not a fit if you’re looking for tactics and “hacks” to boost revenue now because you’re short on runway and your leaders and board are breathing down your neck.
Minuttia clients
MoM and YoY growth rate is trending up, but you want more
You are a fit if growth is consistent or even accelerating, and now you’re looking for ways to significantly and sustainably boost revenue for years to come.
Not a fit
Need content marketing to pick up your product’s slack
You’re not a fit if conversion rates are dangerously low due poor product market fit. We’re not in the business of creating content marketing programs that drive even more leads and trials into a leaky bucket.
Minuttia clients
Need more eyes on a product current customers love
You are a fit if you have product-market fit, and now it’s time to get your beloved product in front of more qualified buyers at all stages of the buyer’s journey — from curious to cash in hand.
Not a fit
Unwilling to deviate from the “best practices” everyone follows
You’re not a fit if your team needs every idea backed by blog posts everyone has read and years of proof. We aren’t in the business of helping clients to look and sound the same as the competition.
Minuttia clients
Eager to allocate budget to pushing the envelope
You are a fit if you’re prepared to allocate a portion of your budget to execute on content strategy and assets unique to your space. Sure, we’ll check all of the “best practices” boxes, but the big wins come when we execute on fresh ideas.
Not a fit
Leadership believes a good product sells itself
You’re not a fit if those who drive strategy and hold the purse strings reluctantly allocated a small budget for content creation. This is an attempt to cut content marketing off at the knees.
Minuttia clients
Leadership believes product is enough to play, not win
You are a fit if leadership sees investing in content over the medium and long-term as a way to stand out and win in a space filled with worthy competitors. It’s core to your growth strategy — not an experiment.
Not a fit
Do enough “content marketing” to check the box
You’re not a fit if you want to do an insignificant test project that must be executed in weeks, and then commit $1,000-$2,000 per month for 1-3 pieces of me-too content in the hopes that something goes viral.
Minuttia clients
Prepared to raise the content marketing bar in your space
You are a fit if you’re prepared to invest in content at scale — up to dozens of pieces per month. We’re talking unique, in-depth, and incredibly hard to copy content. And yes, quality remains high at scale.
Not a fit
ARR is less than $10M and you don’t have funding
You’re not a fit if you’re thinking short-term due to having less than $10M ARR as a self-funded company, or if you don’t have significant runway from a funding round. You need results now.
Minuttia clients
ARR is $20M+ and/or you have raised a Series A or higher
You are a fit if you have enough revenue or funding to invest in an evergreen content machine that may take months to ramp up but will deliver growth that compounds month over month for several years.
Not a fit
Shopping around without a problem to solve or goal in mind
You’re not a fit if you’re just browsing freelancer and agency websites to see which services are out there should the need arise one day. Instead, find our articles and videos here.
Minuttia clients
Know what success looks like and need the right partner
You are a fit if you’ve got a specific challenge you want to solve or goal you want to achieve, know how much success is worth and failure costs, and want to find the right partner to succeed with.

We let our clients do the talking

Working with Minuttia is not just about consulting.
Four reputable agencies were approached and interviewed. We selected Minuttia as it was the most professional in communication and offered more value than other agencies." Working with Minuttia is not just about consulting, but also about learning and implementing processes, industry standards, and improving our team’s skills and competencies.
Their level of professionalism, deliverables, and organization skills are outstanding.
We started with a few pieces of content per month, but we’ve since increased the amount due to the quality of the deliverables and their impact on our business. After a few months of working with Minuttia, we started seeing improvements to our rankings, an increase in organic traffic, and our keyword coverage expanded.
Their management style is transparent.
They were very open about the tools and processes they use, and their communication was very timely as well. One of the things that’s most impressive about Minuttia is they’re not static. They’re always growing and changing almost like Google’s algorithm.