Minuttia Isn’t
Most Agencies

Most agencies claim to be “all-in-one” and serve everyone, can’t take you from good to great, make you dependent on their services, and try to implement what the actual experts share publicly for free.
We aren’t “all-in-one” — we’re all in on evergreen content marketing and SEO for B2B SaaS companies.
We consistently turn good content programs into great ones, and great ones into best-in-category.
We make content marketing a core in-house competency by sharing everything we know.
We share the templates, processes, and methodologies most agencies claim as their own.

What Minuttia is and isn't

Most agencies
Claim to be “all-in-one” for everyone
They give an enthusiastic “yes” no matter who you are or what you need, bill you like they’re experts, then hire subcontractors to execute on work outside of their expertise. You get inconsistent and sub-par work at top-of-market rates.​
We know where our expertise begins and ends
We do content marketing and SEO for B2B SaaS companies exceptionally well — and it’s all handled by our in-house team of experts. Need something else? We refer you to our network of specialized partners.
Most agencies
Cut corners and shoot for short-term gains
Content audits with surface level insights you could have pulled yourself. AI-generated content briefs. Outsourced content lacking expertise and authority. Backlinks from sites you don’t want to be associated with. These are the experiences clients tell us about.
We go deep, think long-term, and go the extra mile
We get to know your product as well as your employees. Our content audits reveal opportunities no SEO tool will show you. You’ll get content briefs so detailed any competent writer can execute. Our team crafts content on par with the best in-house teams. And backlinks come from relevant and authoritative sites.
Most agencies
Sign you to long-term contracts, keep secrets, and skew reports
First, they sign you to 12-month minimum contract. Then they force you to pay month after month for more of the same by keeping their templates, processes, strategies, and tools a secret. And when it’s time to report results, they celebrate wins and make you dig for losses.
Makes leaving easy, shares everything, and reports honestly
Most clients stay with us for years despite signing short 6-month contracts. This is because we’re always finding new ways to add value and share everything we know, use, and have. No secrets. This goes for reporting too — we celebrate the wins and create action plans if we fall short.
Most agencies
Start and stop at tactics, missing the forest for the trees
They try to outsmart the algorithm, scoring you quick wins in the short-term, followed by crushing losses when Google shuts down an exploit. And make no mistake, they always catch on and punish the perpetrators.
Combines white hat tactics and strategy, and sees the big picture
We create relevant, meaningful, and unique content that positions you as the go-to resource for customers at every stage of the journey. This is content that impacts your bottom line and is often rewarded by algorithm updates.
Most agencies
Sell obvious low-hanging fruit as “content strategy”
They sell you “content strategy” for $20k+. What you get is a recommendation for comparison pages and a list of keywords a tool could spit out for you. Worse, they release recommendations over time to keep you coming back for more.
Is where you go once you have picked the low-hanging fruit
We do content strategy that uncovers opportunities long after you’ve picked the low-hanging fruit. Better yet, we share all of our recommendations right away, and we use a proprietary method proven to prioritize recommendations based on your goals.
Most agencies
Treat you like a transaction and fail to communicate
The founder closes you, hands you off to a junior account manager with no bandwidth, and then disappears. You chase the team for updates, only to receive a short email days later. And while they said they love feedback during the sales call, they lack a systematic way of implementing and learning from it.
Makes you feel like a Minuttian and communicates (too?) often
Our founder, George, remains a part of each project team from start to finish. The others you work with are pros, having worked for large SaaS companies. We send updates on a regular schedule. And we actually want your feedback and have systems in place to collect, organize, execute on, and learn from it.

We let our clients do the talking

Working with Minuttia is not just about consulting.
Four reputable agencies were approached and interviewed. We selected Minuttia as it was the most professional in communication and offered more value than other agencies." Working with Minuttia is not just about consulting, but also about learning and implementing processes, industry standards, and improving our team’s skills and competencies.
Their level of professionalism, deliverables, and organization skills are outstanding.
We started with a few pieces of content per month, but we’ve since increased the amount due to the quality of the deliverables and their impact on our business. After a few months of working with Minuttia, we started seeing improvements to our rankings, an increase in organic traffic, and our keyword coverage expanded.
Their management style is transparent.
They were very open about the tools and processes they use, and their communication was very timely as well. One of the things that’s most impressive about Minuttia is they’re not static. They’re always growing and changing almost like Google’s algorithm.