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Wistia’s Revolutionizing Video Content Marketing for SaaS

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Key Findings

A Brief Overview of Wistia’s Video Marketing Platform

Wistia’s Interactive and User-Focused Content Strategy Analysis

How to Use Video for Lead Generation and Engagement

Why Community Building and UGC Is a Strategic Business Asset

What Other SaaS Businesses Can Learn From Wistia's Video Content Strategy

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This piece of content is the work of a human mind.

Many SaaS companies are still clinging to the traditional way of simply investing in SEO and content marketing.

Yet, it’s undeniable that video revolutionizes how businesses captivate audiences, seize their attention, and convert them into devoted customers.

At the forefront of this revolution is Wistia, a platform that has honed the craft of helping companies captivate B2B audiences with compelling video storytelling.

How has Wistia managed to turn the traditional content marketing playbook on its head?

What insights can your business glean from their approach to video content?

Let’s dive into the details.

Key Findings

  • Integrating video with traditional blogging and other content strategies has helped Wistia increase user engagement and conversion rates.
  • Community building and user-generated content (UGC) are ideal for building customer loyalty and creating brand advocates.
  • Wistia uses product-led storytelling to educate its customers about the potential and usability of its offerings.

A Brief Overview of Wistia’s Video Marketing Platform

Wistia is a robust platform that’s currently reshaping how B2B companies use video for business marketing.

At its core, the platform is equipped with a suite of tools tailored for video creation, hosting, marketing, and analytics — designed to meet the demands of modern business strategies.

In 2023 alone, companies hosting their videos on Wistia saw video plays jump by 15% and total watch time soar by 44%.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how Wistia benefits B2B businesses:

Video Creation and Hosting Capabilities: Wistia empowers B2B businesses to create high-quality videos using simple, browser-based tools, without prior experience.

Image Source: Wistia

The platform also offers robust hosting solutions that help make video management and distribution a breeze.

Image Source: Wistia

Marketing and Analytics Tools: Going from production to performance, Wistia’s marketing tools are designed to engage and convert audiences.

Image Source: Wistia

Through intuitive lead capture features and comprehensive analytics, businesses can closely monitor viewer engagement and optimize their video content strategies accordingly.

Image Source: Wistia

The true value of Wistia lies in its ability to adapt and enhance B2B communication.

From detailed engagement graphs to A/B testing, the platform provides all the necessary tools to measure and exceed marketing goals.

How B2B Companies Use Wistia’s Video Content Platform

Here are a few examples of how B2B businesses employ this strategy:

360Learning’s Onboarding Series

Another example of Wistia’s impact is seen with 360Learning, a collaborative learning platform that launched an innovative docu-series titled “Onboarding Joei.”


Image Source: 360 Learning

This docu-series tracks a new employee’s integration into the company, blending real-life challenges with strategic insights — a compelling content piece that keeps viewers engaged and returning for more.

Formlabs’ Step-by-Step Onboarding Videos

Formlabs uses Wistia to streamline customer onboarding with a series of detailed step-by-step videos for their 3D printers.


Image Source: Formlabs

With this strategy, Formlabs ensures its customers have easy access to vital setup information to enhance their user experience and satisfaction.

Terminus’ Engaging Interview Series

On the more interactive front, Terminus utilizes Wistia to host “The Roof,” an interview series that features unguarded, candid discussions with industry leaders.

Image Source: Terminus

This series breaks the mold of traditional B2B content by offering fresh, engaging perspectives that reinforce Terminus’ position as a thought leader.

Wistia’s Interactive and User-Focused Content Strategy Analysis

One of Wistia’s innovative content strategies is the “Fix My Setup” series, where viewers submit their own video setups and receive real-time feedback and optimization tips.

Source: Wistia

This series has transformed a typical instructional video into an interactive learning experience that deepens viewer engagement and fosters a community learning environment.

Each episode is designed to solve a problem and invite an ongoing conversation, making each viewer a participant in a larger community learning experience.

This integration helps maintain viewer interest, drawing them deeper into the content and substantially increasing the time spent on the site.

Another thing worthy of note is how Wistia integrates video with traditional blogging to create a dynamic content ecosystem.

Source: Wistia

Videos serve as a hook that draws viewers in, while the associated articles provide deeper insights, background information, and a richer narrative context.

How to Use Video for Lead Generation and Engagement

Wistia’s strategic use of video content plays a key role in helping businesses both generate leads and deep engagement with users.

By employing tactics such as gated content and educational videos, Wistia effectively transforms viewers into leads and customers.

Gated Video Content

According to Sam Balter, Head of Content at Wistia:

Gated video content is such an easy win that many businesses overlook. At Wistia, we've made it straightforward to embed forms directly into videos. For example, if we host a webinar, we can then embed it on our site with a registration gate for later viewers. This secures lead generation and enhances interactivity with CTAs and annotations that can direct viewers to additional resources like research reports or downloadables directly from the video interface.

In fact, Wistia’s State of Video report states that adding email capture forms and CTAs to videos has proven to be an essential part of the lead generation process.

Image Source: Wistia’s State of Video report

So, by implementing gated video content, viewers submit their email addresses to access the full content.

Image Source: Wistia

This approach helps to capture leads at a critical moment of engagement and integrates seamlessly with email marketing strategies to nurture these leads further.

Educational & Instructional Videos

Wistia’s state of video report also highlights that educational and instructional videos were the most engaging type of content in 2023.

As stated by Sam Balter:

Our research indicates that three to five-minute instructional videos perform the best in terms of viewer retention and align well with the viewer's preferences for content that is both informative and concise.

Businesses don’t necessarily need large budgets to create effective videos; even simple, low-budget videos have achieved high engagement levels.

Image Source: Wistia’s State of Video report

This accessibility allows companies of all sizes to educate their users about products or services, enhancing product adoption and customer satisfaction.

Why Community Building and UGC Is a Strategic Business Asset

Here’s a closer look at how community building and user-generated content (UGC) can impact B2B businesses:

Building Trust through User-Generated Content

Trust is a foundational element of any B2B relationship, and Wistia uses the power of UGC to build this trust dynamically.

Image Source: Wistia Customer Stories

By showcasing customer testimonials and compelling case studies on their platform, Wistia solidifies its credibility and authority in the video marketing space.

Each case study serves as a powerful endorsement, highlighting specific benefits such as increased engagement, improved lead generation, and more effective content distribution.

As happy customers share their success stories across their networks and social platforms, they naturally extend Wistia’s reach and influence, turning satisfied customers into active brand advocates.

Image Source: Linkedin

Enhancing Brand Presence Through Community Building

According to Statista, user-generated videos enhance brand visibility and also boost interaction, which is critical for B2B businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge.

A well-engaged community can offer profound insights into customer behaviors and market trends, providing businesses with the data needed to make informed decisions.

Such interactivity is crucial for building strong community ties and ensuring customer retention, which are key for sustained business growth.

For example, Salesforce has a community of nearly 2 million members who produce content and are a critical part of its global operations.

Image Source: Salesforce

What Other SaaS Businesses Can Learn From Wistia's Video Content Strategy

SaaS companies need to start adopting innovative content strategies that go beyond conventional marketing tactics.

This also includes thinking like a media company, creating an exchange of value that captivates and educates the audience.

Here are key takeaways from Wistia:

1. Embrace Educational Content as a Core Strategy

To effectively incorporate educational content, SaaS companies should identify common challenges or questions their target audience faces.

For instance, Wistia’s video series covers a range of topics from video SEO optimization to mastering technical aspects, showcasing their deep understanding of video marketing challenges.

Image Source: Wistia

By creating content that addresses pain points — such as tutorials, how-to guides, and expert tips — SaaS companies can position themselves as thought leaders.

2. Use Product-led Storytelling

Product-led storytelling involves showcasing your product in action to solve real-world problems.

This approach allows potential customers to see the tangible benefits of your product, rather than just hearing about them.

For example, Wistia’s Product Spotlight video series shows viewers how to use their features to improve video marketing efforts.

Image Source: Wistia

SaaS companies can adopt this strategy by crafting story-driven content that features their product as a protagonist in customer success stories or as a solution in scenario-based tutorials.

3. Use Different Content Formats on Various Media Outlets

Wistia continually experiments with different content formats to keep their audience engaged and informed.

From educational series to creative campaigns, their diverse content strategy ensures that they cater to various viewer preferences and learning styles.

Image Source: Tiktok

SaaS companies can take a page from this playbook by diversifying their content formats to include videos, interactive tutorials, podcasts, and more.

For example, businesses can consider launching a podcast series where industry experts discuss common challenges and innovative solutions like Wistia.

Image Source: YouTube

Over to You

Wistia has mastered the integration of video into traditional content strategies to enhance its engagement and conversion rates.

While video content may not be the primary choice for every SaaS company, it represents a significant opportunity for growth.

SaaS companies should consider how video can complement their existing content ecosystems and drive their marketing objectives forward.

We invite you to share your own thoughts or suggest other companies that are adopting innovative content strategies we can analyze.

This piece of content is the work of a human mind.

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