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AMA: How to Build a Future-Proof Organic Strategy

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In this AMA, we have onboard Kevin Indig, an esteemed Growth Advisor. Together with George Chasiotis, they’ll uncover building a sustainable organic strategy that drives growth in 2024 and beyond.


Key Points:

  • Learn what changes in how companies approach content marketing and SEO.
  • Gain insights on upcoming trends and characteristics of the new content marketing playbook.
  • Discover predictions for 2024 and what to expect from Google.
George Chasiotis
Managing Director

George Chasiotis is the Managing Director of Minuttia, an organic growth acceleration agency for B2B SaaS companies. He’s also the founder and creator behind GrowthWaves, a newsletter on B2B growth. George started as an independent marketing consultant but was soon pulled down the path of creating an agency. In his free time, he imparts wisdom (read: rants) on LinkedIn or buries his head in psychology books to get down the “why” of human behavior.

Kevin Indig
Growth Advisor

Kevin Indig is a Growth advisor and angel investor who helps the world’s market leaders define and evolve their Organic Growth strategy. He previously led SEO and Growth for Shopify, G2, and Atlassian. Once a week, Kevin sends an email with Organic Growth strategies and case studies to over 10,000 subscribers called The Growth Memo. He also co-hosts the Contrarian Marketin g podcast with Eli Schwartz, which gives you ideas you might not be thinking about.

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