AMA: The Future of Content Marketing

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For our first-ever AMA, we have onboard Chima Mmeje, Senior Content Manager at Moz. Together with George Chasiotis, they’ll delve into the changes happening in the content marketing industry, from SGE to AI content, and how to adapt your content marketing program.


Key Points:

  •  Discover how changes affect companies’ approach to content marketing.
  • Gain insights into the characteristics of the new content marketing playbook.
  • Learn how to adapt swiftly to these upcoming shifts in content marketing, maintaining your competitive edge in the evolving digital landscape.
George Chasiotis
Managing Director

George Chasiotis is the Managing Director of Minuttia, an organic growth acceleration agency for B2B SaaS companies. He’s also the founder and creator behind GrowthWaves, a newsletter on B2B growth. George started as an independent marketing consultant but was soon pulled down the path of creating an agency. In his free time, he imparts wisdom (read: rants) on LinkedIn or buries his head in psychology books to get down the “why” of human behavior.

Chima Mmeje
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Moz

Chima Mmeje is the senior content marketing manager at Moz where she’s aiming to position the company as the source of truth in the SEO industry. She’s also the founder of The Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries. A nonprofit dedicated to providing free resources for marketers of color.

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