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The State of Content Marketing Report (2023)

  • 1h
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  • level Intermediate | Advanced
  • Content Marketers


Content marketing has never been more uncertain or chaotic.

Superpath and Minuttia have teamed up to create a State of Content Marketing report. More than 650+ content marketers responded to the survey, giving us a rich data set to pull from.


Key Points:

  • How team size and budgets have changed this year
  • Where SEO fits into the content playbook today
  • Content marketers sentiment on the industry
  • The things that are stressing all of us out
  • Why we still feel very optimistic about the future of content
George Chasiotis
Managing Director

George is the Managing Director of Minuttia, an organic growth acceleration agency for B2B SaaS companies. George started out as an independent marketing consultant but was soon pulled down the path of creating an agency. In his free time, he imparts wisdom on LinkedIn or buries his head in psychology books to get down the “why” of human behaviour.

Jimmy Daly
Cofounder and CEO at Superpath

Jimmy Daly is the Co-founder and CEO at Superpath, a marketing community.

Superpath helps content marketers build their network, grow their skills and have fun doing it.

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