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Global Perspectives: Crafting a Winning International Content Strategy

Imagine you’re a SaaS offering your service to an English-speaking audience in the US. You ask yourself: “Since my product is online, why shouldn’t I offer it to people from countries besides the US?”. Reaching a wider audience is a great idea and can have a significant business impact, but you first need to get […]

How to add Experience to Your Content

Let’s assume you’re looking for alternatives to a product like VEED, and you type “veed alternatives” into Google. This is what comes up: If you’re in the majority of searchers who focus on the top search results, which of the first two would you click on? As a rational searcher (if there’s such a thing), […]

The Day Lemlist Changed SaaS Marketing

How can a company turn a total disaster into a great opportunity to tell a story? Lemlist did it in an attempt to change the way SaaS marketing should be done. After all, it’s no secret that most SaaS companies follow a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to content marketing. On-page SEO, social media and […]

AI in Content Marketing: Use Cases, Limitations & More

It’s no secret that AI has been the ultimate buzzword over the last few months. After all, with so much noise going on about it, it’s hard to ignore it (and you shouldn’t). In particular, with the rise of generative AI tools, more and more companies have been using them to make their daily operations […]

10 Predictions & Minuttia’s Stance on AI Content

Is AI going to change the world of content marketing? That’s one of the questions we’ve been hearing more and more lately, with the rise of AI systems like ChatGPT. Whatever the answer may be, what’s definite is that AI will change things and we’re all inevitably a part of that change. In our opinion, […]

How to Conduct SaaS Keyword Research In 2024

SEO is dead. That’s the claim we’ve been hearing for many years now but, in reality, data proves the opposite. Especially in the SaaS industry that we specialize in, we see more and more cases of companies for which SEO works, and with relatively low CACs (Customer Acquisition Costs) too. However, in order for this […]

Why Every SaaS Company Should Follow Slidebean’s YouTube Strategy

In the world of SaaS, there are various tactics a company can invest in, in order to raise awareness and acquire new customers. SEO, PPC, and email marketing are only a few of the most prominent ones, but there are always underutilized channels, although they can be of great benefit. One of them is YouTube, […]

Content Marketing is Changing (Here’s Why)

Content marketing is changing, and we’re all inevitably a part of that change. What we should keep in mind is that the change isn’t optional; it’s mandatory and requires us all to adapt and understand how things are done differently. This change will affect not only the way you measure the results of your content […]