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Introducing GrowthWaves Pro: A New Chapter for B2B

I cannot tell you the number of times in a day – or a week – that I’m left surprised at how plain average online ‘tips and insights’ can be. Especially those related to B2B growth. As you may already know, I am allergic to average. Mediocrity is not something I am satisfied with in […]

Content Audit 2.0: Connecting Content Performance to Revenue

In 2019, a few months before launching Minuttia, we created a tool for conducting content audits. It was more like a template with the ability to add basic recommendations on a page level when auditing content (redirect, update, delete, etc.). Since then, we’ve audited thousands of content pieces, shared thousands of recommendations on a page […]

Introducing GrowthWaves: A Newsletter on B2B Growth

Ever had a project you shelved, only to revisit it years later? That’s what happened with a domain I bought ~4 years ago. The goal? Launch a newsletter on B2B growth and marketing, sharing exclusive insights from my personal journey. These wouldn’t be the same insights I discuss elsewhere, online or offline. Yes, I might […]

Beyond Survival: Growing With Content Marketing in a Recession

Four years ago, in June of 2019, I published a Medium post on HackerNoon. In that post, I outlined an uncomfortable reality: The tech industry was (once again) growing too fast, and many of the things we were experiencing, well, didn’t seem very normal. Remember: This was a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic took […]

Introducing Our New Design Service With Use Cases, Examples & More

Almost three years ago, we launched Minuttia. The goal was simple: To become one of the most respected and trusted content marketing agencies in the world, specifically for SaaS companies. Even though many things have changed in these three years, our initial goal remains the same. Somewhere along the way, we understood that our assumptions […]

How to Budget for Content Marketing In 2024 (& Beyond)

Let’s face it; content marketing is changing and this affects the way you budget for it too. Although there’s no single way to correctly budget for your content marketing activities, one thing’s for sure: you need to keep up with all the changes. From tracking the right metrics, to connecting content performance to business impact, […]

The One Tactic That Helped Exploding Topics Get to 150K Visits per Month

Most websites interested in generating online traffic, typically take advantage of various methods and channels to achieve this. While this is a great tactic to follow (when executed the right way), some argue that you should find one thing you’re really good at and focus on that. The latter is actually the case with Exploding […]

Why (& How) We Built Minuttia’s New Brand

In the winter of 2019, I was looking forward to the launch of my first (real) company. Until then, I worked as a freelancer, and after having tried to wear many different marketing hats, I understood that content and SEO may be my thing. So, the plan was that I was going to build a […]

Algorithmic vs. Heuristic SEO: Main Differences & Examples

Back in 1886, Karl Benz patented the world’s very first car. Until then, the primary means of road transportation was horse carriages, and people were constantly looking for ways to make them faster, safer, and more efficient. No one really thought about coming up with something entirely different until Benz became the first to experiment […]

Original Content: The Element That’s Missing From Your Content Strategy

Almost a year ago, we talked about the concept of original content in a webinar we did with ProductLed. The feedback we received from the audience was extremely positive.  This helped us realize that many content marketers believe something is missing from their content strategy. We worked on our ideas and tried to make them […]